Snow Report

General Comments

As of 11/16/2020 - As the snow season draws nearer, our excitment for skiing grows!

We have made many changes and upgrades to our snowmaking system that will allow us to get more terrain open very quickly.

Stay tuned to this page for the latest in snowmaking and slope preparation.

Tubing Park



Terrain Parks

Walnut Park: Closed

Pumpkin: Closed


Resort Information

Peak Elevation: 900'

Vertical Drop: 220'

Average Snowfall: 80"


Current Conditions

New Snow Last 24 Hrs: 0"

New Snow Last 7 Days: 0"

Snow Base: 0-0"

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Slope Access

0 of 13 Trails Open

0 of 6 Rope Tows Open


Chair Lifts

Double 1 Chair: Closed

Double 2 Chair: Closed

Triple Chair: Closed

Quad Chair: Closed

Trail Access

Easiest Easiest

  • Burts Road: Closed
  • Crossover: Closed
  • Deans Pass: Closed
  • Harrys Hollow: Closed
  • Pine: Closed
  • Twigg: Closed
  • Willow: Closed

More Difficult More Difficult

  • Lumber Jack: Closed
  • Oak: Closed
  • Sequoia: Closed
  • Sycamore: Closed
  • Tamarack: Closed

Most Difficult Most Difficult

  • Hemlock: Closed