Park Safety & Etiquette

Park Safety & Etiquette

Warm up in the Pumpkin Park.

The Pumpkin Park was specially-designed to keep riders low to the snow and on their feet. Whether you are taking your first run in a terrain park or just warming up for the day, this is the place for you. You owe it to yourself to warm up your body, mind, and heart before pushing your limits.

Know your line.

Always make a plan of the direction and path you intend to ride. More advanced riders may be better at adjusting their line while they are riding, but this only happens after years of experience. Making a plan before executing takes one more strain off your mind to free it up for concentration on the trick you plan on executing. Your path should be clear of other riders lines and riders who are chillin waiting for their turn. Also, be certain that landing zones are free of people and obstacles before approaching the hit!

Listen to yourself.

After taking it easy for a while, you will know if today is the day that you stick a brand new trick or just lay low and strengthen your foundation. The critical warm-up time is a way to let other tensions and thoughts melt away so that only park riding is on your mind. There will be days when the weather, your hit, your body, your mind, and your attitude will all line up to allow you to push your limits. Wait for these days and you will avoid pain both physically and mentally in your personal quest .

Mind your surroundings.

Be fully aware of what is happening around you. If you wish to hang out in the middle of the park to session one feature, be certain that you are not hindering an uphill rider's line especially take-offs and landings.

Drop with confidence.

Dropping etiquette is likely the most important part of keeping a busy park safe and fun for everyone. Before deciding to drop on busy days, you must communicate with others that you intend to drop into the park. If it is really busy, don't be afraid to call out "dropping" before you go. Also, you must respect the riders that are uphill from you before dropping, make sure that you are not dropping into an uphill riders line!