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Betcha' Didn't Know ...


•    Timber Ridge Ski Area opened to the public in 1961 with one lift.  The lift was a rope tow and powered by a 1949 Chevy.  People paid just 50 cents or a 6 pack of beer to ride the lifts.  The original skiers were all just friends and family.

•    In 1967-1968 Season a Weekday lift cost $3.00 and on Sat. and Sun. it was $3.50.  Ski Rental equipment was $4.00 (snowboards had not been invented yet).  Lessons were $2.00 for a Class and $7.00 for a Private.

•    The trail names at Timber Ridge were based on trees.  The first volunteers named Dean, Harry, and Burt, who today have runs named after them: “Dean’s Pass”, “Harry’s Hallow” and “Burt’s Run”.

•    The original lodge was the former Shelbyville Train Station Depot which was purchased for a $1.  You can still see the original building pictures today in the bar and the original frame is still part of the current building.

•    Snowmaking at the resort actually alters the weather for an area about 2-3 miles around the slopes.  It makes it colder and increases the chance for natural snow.

•    Andy Dobbs was a pro snowboarder  in the 1990’s who hoped to go to the 2000 Olympics, trained at Timber Ridge and a variety of other Michigan areas.

•    The Rantz Brothers, Gordon, Gene & Roger along with some friends were the first to ski the slopes of Timber Ridge.

•    Famous people that have skied at Timber Ridge include:
o    Glenn Plake: one of the most distinctive figures in American Freestyle skiing and extreme sports today.
o    Schrab Twins (Luke & Adam): Central to Timber Ridge’s “Get Big Air” and Park Pride Events.  Also known for Warren Miller film’s fame.

Timber Ridge Media Policies

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For more information contact us at 800-285-6525 ext 4

For more information, members of the media should contact:
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Or call 269-694-9449 ext 4

Media Visits
We are pleased to provide assistance whenever and wherever we can to media visiting Timber Ridge. We would like to recommend the following tips to ensure your visit is most enjoyable.

PR Contact Information
Please contact the Timber Ridge PR office at 269-694-9449 once you know your arrival dates, times, and members in your group. We'll need to know the purpose of your visit and your media affiliation. If we haven't worked with you before, we may ask for a letter of assignment stating the basis of the story and publication/air date.

While You are Here
We are pleased to help with story ideas, photography support, ski/snowboard school information, and guides around the Resort. We can also aid you in connecting with guests, associates, instructors, patrollers, snow makers, and more.

Timber Ridge can assist you with setting up the perfect interview regarding Timber Ridge, the ski industry, tourism in Michigan or whatever you might be searching for.

Live Remotes
Timber Ridge is able to provide assistance with both television and radio live remotes. Special shows and guest speakers can be arranged as needed for each remote. All remotes must be arranged no less than one day prior to the remote (except for breaking news).

Historical Background
Find out about all of the Timber Ridge fun facts.

With at least 24 hours notice we can also assist TV crews with skis, snowboards, or snowmobiles.

Lift Tickets
Complimentary lift tickets are prearranged for media directly responsible for producing the editorial piece. Media includes reporters, editors, photographers, journalists and filmmakers. Due to the large numbers of media that visit Timber Ridge, we cannot issue lift tickets to spouses, friends, children or significant others. To further expedite getting on the snow, please arrange lift tickets prior to your arrival.

Online Media Center
Current media kits may be requested by media through e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or you can download media kit materials through our online press access web service at .

With online access you'll be able to download news releases, fact sheets and color photographs.  You will also find great story ideas and special events information.  The web based Press Room and information are for the exclusive use of credentialed members of the media.

News Releases
News Releases are posted as soon as they are available. You may also download news releases through our online press access web service on this website or call 269-694-9449 for more information.

Photo Archives
Timber Ridge maintains the photo archives. Some archived photographs (300 dpi) are available through our online press access web service.  Contact us or call 269-694-9449 for more information.

Photo and Video Library
Timber Ridge maintains a complete library of stock photography and footage on trails, snowmaking, night skiing, and skiers and riders. Most are available in color, black and white, or digital.

After Your Visit
Please notify us of published stories so we may keep our files updated. This assists us in better helping you with future projects.

Timber Ridge will issue a complimentary lift ticket and equipment (if needed) to any reporter, photographer or videographer working on assignment.

In addition, Timber Ridge will issue up to four complimentary tickets to the full-time media personnel listed below who want to visit the Resort for a leisure visit Sunday through Friday* during the 2007-08 operating season.

These passes are limited to four per position for one visit during the season. Only news department employees are eligible for these passes; promotions and advertising personnel are encouraged to call their promotions contact at the area for inquiries about tickets. We are aware that some newspapers, Internet media, radio stations and television stations prefer their personnel not accept complimentary passes to events and attractions. We respect this policy and gladly will refuse passes to those personnel if so indicated.  

Any individual whose full-time job falls within one of the following categories will be issued up to four tickets the day of their visit to the Resort. Media should bring a business card, or if they do not possess a business card, a letter on station/publication letterhead confirming their full-time status and stating their job title. In addition, media should bring photo identification with them the day of their visit. Media must show BOTH pieces of identification to the Guest Relations office to receive the complimentary tickets.

Publisher, Reporters, Editors, Photographers, Writers, Webmasters

Owner, Program Director, General Manager, News Reporters, News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Producers

Owner, News Reporters, General Manager, Producers (Non-advertising), News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Field producers, Program Director, Videographers, Assignment Editors, Production (Non-advertising)

*Because Saturdays are our busiest days, we request media visit Sunday through Friday and non-holidays.