Betcha' Didn't Know ...


•    Timber Ridge Ski Area opened to the public in 1961 with one lift.  The lift was a rope tow and powered by a 1949 Chevy.  People paid just 50 cents or a 6 pack of beer to ride the lifts.  The original skiers were all just friends and family.

•    In 1967-1968 Season a Weekday lift cost $3.00 and on Sat. and Sun. it was $3.50.  Ski Rental equipment was $4.00 (snowboards had not been invented yet).  Lessons were $2.00 for a Class and $7.00 for a Private.

•    The trail names at Timber Ridge were based on trees.  The first volunteers named Dean, Harry, and Burt, who today have runs named after them: “Dean’s Pass”, “Harry’s Hallow” and “Burt’s Run”.

•    The original lodge was the former Shelbyville Train Station Depot which was purchased for a $1.  You can still see the original building pictures today in the bar and the original frame is still part of the current building.

•    Snowmaking at the resort actually alters the weather for an area about 2-3 miles around the slopes.  It makes it colder and increases the chance for natural snow.

•    Andy Dobbs was a pro snowboarder  in the 1990’s who hoped to go to the 2000 Olympics, trained at Timber Ridge and a variety of other Michigan areas.

•    The Rantz Brothers, Gordon, Gene & Roger along with some friends were the first to ski the slopes of Timber Ridge.

•    Famous people that have skied at Timber Ridge include:
o    Glenn Plake: one of the most distinctive figures in American Freestyle skiing and extreme sports today.
o    Schrab Twins (Luke & Adam): Central to Timber Ridge’s “Get Big Air” and Park Pride Events.  Also known for Warren Miller film’s fame.