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Tell us your best Timber Ridge story and you could win two lift tickets.

It's simple really.  Just type out that story you tell every year at the holiday party.  We'll make the top story writers famous by posting the cream of the crop here.  The best stories each month as chosen by our esteemed Timber Ridge judges will win the lift tickets.

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My best Timber Ridge story happened about four years ago. I was enjoying a beverage in the lounge, watching my friends ski. One, of my friends came in, and asked me why I wasn't skiing. "Oh, because I'm over 40 and haven't skiied in years", I said. Well, next thing I knew, my girlfriend said, "Try on my boots, they'll fit you". Soon, I was near the bunny hill getting a feel for skiing again. Because it was near my birthday, my other friend purchased a lift ticket for me. I ended up renting skis, and having a fun day skiing! In fact, I always ski instead of sitting all day in the lounge! So, I'm healthier and happier, and it all happened at Timber Ridge!
Dawn Joslyn, Chicago, IL


"In middle school our school had a ski club. It was a great opportunity for middle schoolers to come out with their friends on Monday nights and enjoy spending time together doing something that we all love.

One night, we decided to have a competition to see who could get down the hill the slowest. In an attempt to win, I removed my skis and tossed them slightly down the hill. My friends and I had been skiing for a couple of years so we figured that I would be able to get the skis right back on no problem.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. After about ten to twenty minutes of struggling, we had to have an older student come over and help me get my skis back on. After plenty of laughter and a good time, I was proclaimed the winner. We decided that the idea wasn't smart, and needless to say we haven't had another competition since."
Emily LaManna, MI

"At 50 years of age, all of my 'ski buddy girlfriends' had either moved away or been injured or just weren't comfortable with skiing anymore. So my option if I wanted a ski companion was to have my preteen daughter learn to ski. Since I am not knowledgeable enough to teach her, I had taken her to some of the group lessons. She just wasn't comfortable enough to get off the bunny hill, so I enrolled her in the series of 3 evening classes. She had a young, perky college age instructor, and I told the instructor that my biggest goal for my daughter by the end of the series was for her to be able/brave enough take on the chair lift. She assured me it would be ok.

I then returned to my car to get my skis and get myself ready for a solo evening of skiing. By the time I got 'suited up' and was myself finally in line at a lift, here came my daughter with her instructor to hop on the lift--my daughter saw me standing in line and just couldn't wait to gloat that ski students got to go to the front of the lift line! Thank you Timber Ridge for making another 'ski buddy' for me!!  We'll see you soon!!"
Beth Green, Tekonsha MI

My Timber Ridge story starts in 2002. I had recently taught myself to ski and snowboard at Timber Ridge. While skiing that December I kept noticing the same girl smiling at me. She was the prettiest girl at Timber Ridge, all dressed up for skiing. One day while skiing I went by her and accidentally made her fall down! I went up to apologize and that’s when it started.

We got to talking at the top of the triple and planned a ski date together, the first of many ski dates that winter. I had found my skiing partner!  Now 8 years later we are looking forward to teaching our newborn son to ski next season. Timber Ridge will forever be remembered as the spot where we shared so many happy moments and started our life together.


Joe Kammenzind

Kalamazoo MI