Sunday, February 26th, 2017

2:00 pm 

Meet at Noon near the BBQ area

  Rules for the Dummy Downhill

Theme: It's a "Blue Hawaii Winterfest"


 1.  Max weight 20 lbs

 2.  Max height 36 inches

 3.  MIn height 24 inches.

 4.  NO Pyrotechnics

 5.  NO Tubes or snow holders to add extra weight.

 6.  You may not add weight at the top of the hill.

 7.  Only one person may go to the top to launch the dummy, if a small child is going to launch, than one adult may accompany them to the top of the hill.



10.  NO SKIS, metal or wood may be used as the sliding surface.

11.  Dummies may be constructed of cardboard, tape and soft packing material such    as  styrofoam.  

There will be a techinical inspection from 12 noon until about 1pm.  Racing begins at 2pm.  Each dummy will be inspected and tagged as passed or as needing further modification.  Then dummies will be on display on the Snowshoe Deck.  No further modification is possible.

Timber Ridge will take the dummies to the top of the hill, where the launching person will send them on their downhill run.

Winners will be selected by the judges, based on representation of the Theme:  FROZEN.  Other possible catagories are:  best crash & most creative. One winner will receive a 2017-18 Timber Ridge Season Pass!

Let the racing begin!!